Camp girl possible

A week-long design thinking and leadership summer camp for girls ages 11-14 in the Bay Area, hosted in 2018.


Camp Girl Possible is a summer program that empowers girls ages 11-14 to become the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.


We believe that every girl has the potential to become a leader and create her own impact—she just needs the right tools and inspiration.

In between maker games, team activities, relay races, dance breaks, arts & crafts, and outdoor games around campus, Camp Girl Possible ignites life-changing moments for girls to discover their leadership potential, build creative confidence, and explore ways they can make a real difference in the world, starting today.


The time is now.


In today's world, "growing up" isn't as simple as it used to be, and comes with an added set of challenges for girls. We see these challenges as opportunities for girls to really stand up, use their voice, become even stronger leaders, and make the world a better place.

Designed by girls, for girls—and inspired by years of experience.


Our Girl Possible team brings years of firsthand experience working with girls and teaching design thinking and leadership workshops across the country. We have fun and connect with girls in a big-sister way, get real with them about the challenges they face at school and on a personal level, and most of all, inspire them to tap into the most confident and passionate versions of themselves. Camp Girl Possible is our way of bringing together everything we've learned into one amazing week for girls in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My daughter absolutely LOVED Girl Possible! She loved the energy of the leaders, the super hero theme, and inspiring speakers. She couldn’t stop talking about the Pixar speaker and designing her character. What a great way to end a powerful week!

Compared to other camps that my daughter has attended, they worked on 1 aspect of her skillset such as math, writing or public speaking abilities. What I loved about Girl Possible, is that it addresses the whole person. Confidence is key to success, and this was a great theme throughout the camp.
— Arshia, a camper parent
As you probably know, being a teenager isn’t easy… and it gets really easy to feel lonely. This camp did so much to make me and every one of us feel supported, even if it was for just a week. It did a lot to make us as people feel confident and loved which I think is so great because that’s something girls especially have a hard time feeling.

Thank you for having such an impact on my life because I never thought I’d make such strong bonds with people and I definitely wasn’t expecting to enjoy camp this much. It did push me out of my comfort zone a little, but it also gave me a family and I can’t tell you how warm that made me feel.
— Anonymous camper, 14 years old
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5 days. endless possibilities.

Regular camp hours are 9am - 3:30pm, with a special camp bonding night on Thursday until ~8pm.


Last year’s program

In 2018, Camp Girl Possible welcomed 50 middle-school girls to experience a jam-packed and inspiring week of camp together. Guest speakers and workshop facilitators included Elyse Klaidman (Pixar storyteller), Andrew Evans (magician), and Becky Lee (IDEO partnerships lead), just to name a few.

Girl Possible made me feel like anything is possible! This week became my safe place to grow, learn and be inspired. Katie, Natalya, Jenna, Rachel, and Konner were inspiring leaders that brought their super powers to all of us every day. It was a powerful week packed with a how-to-be-awesome road map. From powerful women thought leaders, to solving social issues and giving back to the community and just learning to meditate, this week will stay with me forever.
— Safiya, 14 years old

our camp values

We’re committed to creating an inclusive and fun camp culture to help bring out the best in every girl.

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Anything is possible

It’s in our camp name and our DNA that we believe anything is possible. We inspire girls to adopt a ‘growth mindset’ as they learn new skills, discover their leadership abilities, and realize that they already have the skills they need to create their own change, starting today.

Different is cool

Bring your whole self to camp! This is a space to be goofy, authentic, quirky, and real, where we can celebrate each other for being exactly who we are—including all the cool ways that we’re different.

Be brave, not perfect

Perfectionism slows girls down and holds them back from achieving their greatest potential. Inspired by the fearless girls advocate Reshma Saujani, this camp value is about taking risks, trying new things, and courageously stepping outside your comfort zone.

Lead by listening

The best leaders are the best listeners. Listening helps us build empathy for others, understand diverse perspectives and opinions, and create impact in the world with an open mind and heart. At camp, we celebrate leadership in all different shapes and forms, always with listening at the center.

You are here

When we fully immerse ourselves in the moment—and in our conversations, activities, and experiences—we learn the most, build the best friendships, and have the most fun. At camp, we challenge girls to turn off their phones so they can be present and really ‘show up’ to camp everyday.