Scared by Choice

Looking into the future is often times like peering into a well of darkness — an incomprehensible, intangible blur — until you notice a single, dimly lit path. You can’t see exactly where it leads, but you can tell it’s straight and safe. There are faint shadows of other people around, taking this path. They are standing, walking, seemingly doing well. Perhaps, you wonder, if you belong on this path too.

Growing up in the Bay Area, I’ve found myself confronting a series of social cues — both explicit and implicit — that show me what success in life is supposed to look like.

They show me Google, Facebook, Silicon Valley start-ups; they tell me internship, grad school, tech entrepreneurship. These voices are everywhere, shedding light on a future that’s hard to attain but secure if I have it — a future that’s clearer than most with outlining the steps one might take to get there. And because it’s the path I can most easily decipher, it invites me in.

Unlike opportunities I had found in the past, Girls Driving for a Difference (GDD) didn’t come out of a career fair, an online internship search, a “person who knows a person,” or a well-intentioned inMail message on LinkedIn; it came out of an inspired conversation.

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An article by Katie Kirsch